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Me and My microphone – O clipe!

Depois de muita espera, o clipe de “Me and My microphone” enfim foi lançado hoje. Ele já está a caminho dos canais de TV do Reino Unido, onde a música deverá receber nova promoção a partir de agora. O single estará disponível por lá já no próximo mês.

Do mesmo diretor de Resuscitate Me, Patric Ullaeus, o clipe aposta nos jogos de luz, e possui uma qualidade de imagem fantástica. O diretor não descartou os elementos apresentados em várias aparições de September com a música na TV, como a caixa metálica e o microfone.



Exclusive interview with September!

After many tries, we got an exclusive interview with September to our fan site “September Brazil”. We’re very proud, happy and thankful for this conquest. We wanna thank Victoria, Cacthy Tunes and, of course, September, the reason to this site be online.

The Interview

Hello, Petra. It’s a really big pleasure to be talking to you through this interview. I’m Eduardo Fernandes, creator of the biggest fan site dedicated to you in the world: The September Brazil I’ll make some questions to you. Any answer will be welcome! We’re longing for this for a long time.

So, let’s go!

September Brazil: Hello, September! There are more than 2 years since you got a big world recognition with the singles “Satellites” and “Cry for you”. What’s your relation with these songs nowadays? Did you get tired or they never get old?

September: Hi!! No, they are a part of me and everytime I see that people get happy when I sing them it’s amazing.

September Brazil: “Mikrofonkat” was nothing less than BIG in Sweden this year. The single is already listed as one of the 40 biggest hits in all time in Sweden. Do you think the world got your music early than your homeland? How does it feel to have a whole country looking to you right now?

September: It feels a little strange.. But nice! It’s nice to be able to tour in my own country as well. It’s also nice that my family gets to see what I do a little more.

September Brazil: Petra, you are a beautiful woman, happy and young. It must be hard to deal with all the siege of fans and press… But what do you like to do when you’re not singing on your concerts or in television?  

September: I like to meet my friends and family.. But I love my job.. It’s actually what I wanna do all the time even if I’m free to do whatever.

September Brazil: Do you have idols in the music scene? Who? Do you know anything about Brazilian music?

September: I like a lot of artists, but not really any idols anymore like when I was young.. I always liked Kylie and Madonna.

Brazil is really a great country with both music and dance but I don’t know so much about your artists except a friend that I have from brazil named Felipe Neves hehe!

September Brasil: Love Cpr, your new album, is already platinum in Sweden. How was the process of composition? Are there demos and other songs that will be listened one day?

September: The progress was so fun. It took 1 year and I went traveling between Uk, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.  It one of my favorite parts of my job, to write.

September Brazil: A little piece of “Breath with me” was presented to the fans before the album was released, but didn’t make the final cut of Love CPR. Despite it be a little piece, it sounded promising and caught the attention of many people. When will we be able to listen to the song in full? We really appreciate it very much!

September: Haha! It’s funny. We did the song only for that clip, and to be honest, I’ve had so much to do so I haven’t had the time to make it ready. But one day it will. It’s a promise! I really like that song…

September Brazil: In the new album, you decided to work with many new talented producers and composers. The two singles, the brilliant “Resuscitate Me” and the party song “Party in my Head“, are from the same guys, Wayne Hector, Lucas Secon, Cutfather and Jones Jeberg. How was the experience of work with then? Do you want to work together again sometime?

September: I think we’ll work again. They are really amazing wrighters.

September Brazil: The great classic team formed by Anoo Bhagavan, Jonas von der Burg and Niklas von der Burg worked again with you in the new album, and have created together with you the already beloved “Walk Alone” and “Something’s going on“, and the funny “Bump and Ride”. Will this team give us more pop gems?

September: That’s my little family, of course were gonna do more:)

September Brazil: What’s your favorite songs from the new album? Why? Is there a special song to you?

September: Music. I was just so nice when we wrote it. It just came in a second. It’s a song explaining how much I love what I do.

September Brazil: When will we see the videos of “Party in My Head” and “Me and My Microphone”. Will the director be the same of “Resuscitate Me”?

September: The videos are soon ready. That’s all I’m gonna say… Exciting!

September Brazil: You have classic songs, that are fan favorites, but didn’t become singles, like Rest in Peace and Leave it all behind. The decision of choose singles seems to be very difficult, isn’t it? Will “Walk Alone”, “My Emergency”, “Something’s going on” or “Heat Rising” have the chance to conquer the world? They are genius.

September: I think all of them are strong songs, to be honest I would love to release all of them as singles.

September Brazil: What do you think about Brazil? Will you come here one day? The sun, the beach, the beautiful people and MAINLY the fans are waiting for this day!

September: I would love to come and play for you! I think it’s one of the most beautiful countries. Hope to get a gig in Brazil very soon!

September Brazil: You know, we are always very anxious to hear new stuffs. Is there any plan of a new album in the next year?

September: I will release the next one when I feel it’s great, I don’t have any special plan more than that…

Now the fan questions…

Luiz: Why do you choose music to work? What’s your influences? 

September: I think it’s because of my family, they introduced me when I was very young and I couldn’t stop singing.. As a kid Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson was my big idols.

Luiz, Jonas and Alice: Do you want to make a duet with any artist? Alice says that the swedish Agnes would see a good choice. I have to agree!

September: Yeah! I would love to make a song with somebody.. Maybe Jay-Z! That would be a dream come true:)

Jonas: Many artists want to get the top of the world charts without take care of the quality of their songs. What’s the important of the quality of the songs to you? 

September: To not do something because of fame or money, it always about loving what you do. It very obvious when you do songs for the wrong reasons.

Thank You for this interview. We really love your music and support your success! 

Mikrofonkåt é um dos 50 maiores sucessos na Suécia

Atualização (29/06/11): Depois de mais um mês, Mikrofonkåt continua no Top 60 da Suécia e já é um dos 50 singles mais vendidos da história no país, segundo o site “Swedish Charts”. A posição atual é a 46ª. Como o single não parece querer sair dali, a tendência é permanecer subindo na lista.

September e seu microfone estão impossíveis. Mikrofonkåt, que estourou após um reality show na TV no ano passado, aparece na lista dos singles mais bem sucedidos da história fonográfica sueca. Até a semana passada, era o 68º single mais vendido de todos os tempos no país. Mais de 60 mil cópias já foram compradas.

O sucesso começou em novembro, quando o single foi lançado, e logo chegou à primeira posição. Foram 11 semanas no topo dos charts. A música está há 27 semanas no Top 60 sueco, e esta semana subiu uma posição, da 35ª para a 34ª.

Veja como tudo isso começou:

Love CPR será lançado nos Estados Unidos

September anunciou há cerca de duas semanas que o álbum Love CPR será lançado por sua gravadora estadunidense, Robins Entertainment, na terra dos ianques. O single “Me and My Microphone” já está sendo tocado por lá.

Mikrofonkat e Me and My Microphone Ao vivo

Em março, September começa a turnê na Suécia. Serão mais de 10 cidades visitadas. A promessa é de casa cheia, já que a cantora passou a ser conhecida em cada canto do país, depois do sucesso de Mikrofonkat.

Enquanto isso, as apresentações ao vivo na TV, para a divulgação do álbum e dos singles, não param. “Mikorofonkat” e a versão em inglês, “Me and My Microphone”, podem ser vistas nestas duas novas performances.

Resuscitate Me ao vivo

Na última semana, September fez a divulgação do “Love CPR” na Finlândia, no canal NRJ. Pela primeira vez,  Resuscitate Me foi apresentada ao vivo. Me and My Microphone também foi cantada pela cantora pop sueca.

Você pode ouvir a apresentação no link a seguir: