Jonas Von Der Burg, The Man Behind the September’s Classics

September Brazil had a chat with Jonas Von Der Burg, the man behind the biggest international success by September, “Cry For You” and “Satellites”, and the producer of the 3 early September’s albums.  

He revealed many interesting things about his work with September , like how he met Petra to create the September project. You can read it below!



September Brazil: Hey, Jonas. You’re in the music scene for such a long time. When did you start to work with music?

Jonas VDB: Hey! I started out in 1990.

September Brazil: You had your first and maybe one of the biggest world hit back in 1993, with “Here we Go”, by Stakka Boo. Music has changed so much since then. Is your way of work similar or has it changed so much too?

Jonas VDB: It’s somewhat similar. The main difference now is the technical bit, I think.

September Brazil: What are your biggest influences in music? And what are your favorite singers and producers nowadays?

Jonas VDB: My biggest influence and favorite producer was and still is – Trevor Horn. He is genius! Singers, hmmm – that varies. Have no real favorite, sorry.

 September Brazil: Sweden is the land of good pop music. What’s different there?!

 Jonas VDB: We are very good at making good pop melodies. I guess that due to the fact that we are all very melancholic and have a long tradition of melancholic traditional music.

September Brazil: You have worked with a bunch of successful artists like “Ace of Base” in your career. But you also have worked with many young artists that found success by your side, like “Danny”, “Nexx” and, of course, “September”. What’s more difficult?

Jonas VDB: It’s so much more fun to break a new artist – but so much harder – since you have to break so many new barriers.

September Brazil: Can you choose a special song produced by you?

Jonas VDB: I’m especially pleased with Alcazars – “This is the world”. It turned out well. And also “Cry for you” is one of my favorites.

September Brazil: Talking about good songs… Is there a song that you though that could be a big hit single but it wasn’t even released? I remember “Leave it all behind”…

Jonas VDB: I can say this. I have a few tracks which I think could be hits and since I’ve now started my own label – 4 On The Floor – together with my wife, Jeanette von der Burg, and with Septembers manager, Victoria Ekeberg, it will be so much easier to release tracks we believe in.


September Brazil: You, Niklas Von Der Burg and A. Baghavan  formed with September a superb team. How did you meet September?

Jonas VDB: I had an idea of starting a dance project and asked Anoo Bhagavan and Niclas von der Burg, if they wanted to write some tracks with me. Many believe that we are a writing/producing team, but it is not so. We are only writing together and I produce it by myself.

I had a casting in my studio to find a new artist. I met many singers, but I wasn’t satisfied. I then came in contact with Victoria Ekeberg who introduced me to Petra Marklund, who later became September and the rest is history…

September Brazil: Yeah, we know all that! Well, after dominate the world, “Cry for you” became your biggest hit to date, maybe. How was the composition of this smash hit?

Jonas VDB: In the beginning the track was all different. The tempo was much slower and the chorus didn’t appear until the end of the second verse. The record label wanted to release that first draft, but I said no. I wanted to “pump it up” a bit first and changed a few things.

September Brazil: It turned out really well! We can hear some samples in your songs, like the “Bette Davis eyes” in “Midnight Heartache” and the “Bronski Beat” in the same “Cry For You”. You seem to like to recreate old songs… Tell us about it.

 Jonas VDB: In “Midnight Heartache” I re-played the guitar part of “Bette Davis eyes” but in “Cry For You” there might be some similarities but we had no idea. That was not intended at all.

September Brazil: Oh, it’s interesting. Many people though it would be a sample… But, changing the subject,  what are the songs that you were most proud to have written to September?

Jonas VDB: “Cry For You” of course, “Just An Illusion”, “Because I Love You“, “Looking For Love”,  “September All Over”… My wife loves “Until I die”and “Flowers On The Grave”…

September Brazil: In many of your songs written to September the main theme is the fight against the “pain” and the “death”, like in the brilliant “Rest in Peace”, “Until I Die” and “Flowers on the grave”. Is this a preference or it fits September’s style?

Jonas VDB: Once again, we are very melancholic in Sweden and it fits Septembers style and sound as well.

September Brazil: We saw in the last September album, Love CPR, some differences from the other three. For example, in the other albums you produced all the songs. This time you have written only 3 new songs along with your team. Was it more difficult to fit the album with so many producers?

Jonas VDB: I chose to write only 4 songs (3 were choose). I thought it was time to move on with new projects.

September Brazil “Walk Alone” and “Something’s going on”, two of the new songs, are really pop gems. What the history behind the two songs? Did you think in anything special while you’re composing?

 Jonas VDB: No, I generally just write and produce songs that I feel i my heart that they are good…

 September Brazil:  Despite being a fan favorite, “Something’s going on” was a bit criticized because of the excessive use of autotune. Why do you choose to use it that way?

 Jonas VDB: Because I like autotune as an instrument…

September Brazil: You are surely a Swedish hit machine. September, Danny, Gathania, Alcazar… What’s the key to your success? Is it the catchy chorus? Is is the hooks? Can you tell the world?!

Jonas VDB: It is the hooks and the feelings of the songs. Hard to describe…

September Brazil: The fans always want to know if you have plans to work again with September… Can we wait for this?

Jonas VDB: Maybe in the future, the door is not closed.

September Brazil: What are your projects for 2011? Will you work on a new album by any artist?

Jonas VDB: As I mentioned before, we just started this new label and we are working with that. Check out our newest project Sojo, with their single “I remember” at YouTube. This is only the beginning…

September Brazil: We want to thank you for this interview. I hope you keep your great work, as always.

Jonas VDB: Thank you for listening and for enjoying my work!

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  1. Cool ;D It was a good idea to interview him !

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